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Babson College

Babson College

World-class learning opportunities from experts at Babson College, USA — the number one school for entrepreneurship in the world for well over two decades.

Networks For Life

Networks For Life

Peer-learning cohort experience with business leaders just like you — sharing challenges, learning from fellow experiences and building expansive, valuable networks that will open doors.



Focused learning that develops key leadership attributes — the qualities all leaders need to achieve goals, pursue growth and inspire teams to thrive.



Lynne Jhangeer, Sales and Export Director at LINIAN, shares her personal insights on the powerful impact of Confidence in leadership.

Tracey McNellan, CEO at Go Radio, reflects on how leading with Passion drives forward business and inspires teams.

Mark Kemp, Managing Director at FortyTwo Studio, unpacks the essential nature of Resilience as a business leader in Scotland.

Each Entrepreneurial Scotland leadership programme will have a distinct area of focus, but they all share a common 'DNA', and are carefully structured to ensure the learning experience goes hand-in-hand with growing your network:

Resources & Schedule

Connect with other business leaders in your cohort and set out your programme schedule.

Learning Plan

Focused, goal-driven development, with like-minded colleagues who all want to succeed alongside you.

Structured Learning

Engage with your peers and fully immerse yourself in the key topics and development areas.

Timmons Leadership Diagnostic

An Opportunity-Resources-Team focused analysis of your leadership position, offering key insights for action.

Cohort Workshops

Open and collaborative sessions to find common ground and tackle challenges that all leaders share.


Classes / virtual classes at the world’s #1 school for entrepreneurial leadership.

Independent Exercises

Project-based work to deepen your understanding and help you implement the learnings in your business.

The Essentials

All peer-to-peer learning and specialist activity is backed up by the key readings, videos, presentations and resources.

Friends in Business

Every year, our peer-to-peer learning programmes lead to long-term friendships and business relationships.

ES Community

With Entrepreneurial Scotland, you join a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals who support you on your business journey.

Lifelong Benefits

Our leadership programmes not only equip you with tools to succeed in business, they can be applied at every stage of life.

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If you've got questions or want to chat in more detail about our world-class leadership programmes, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lisa Ferguson.


Our programmes are designed with 3 types of leader in mind:

  • Those who are running a business set up by someone else.

  • Those who are running a business they founded.

  • Those who are heading up a section or function in a large business.

In all of these scenarios, you will ideally have 3+ years experience in your current or previous roles and be leading a team of at least 5 people (20+ if you fall into the third category). You will be a motivated individual with a willingness to help and be helped.

Each of our Leadership programmes lasts for 9 months, including 25 hours of structured learning and 20 hours of self-guided learning.

Broken down, this equates to 2.5 hours each week for the first month, then around half a day a month for the remaining 8 months. This commitment will enable you to maximise the impact of the learning and use it to grow your business.

Our 9 month Leadership Development programmes cost £2,950 per person.

The cost covers all course materials and learning sessions, plus access to our community events and members.

About Entrepreneurial Scotland

Our vision is to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world. We are an independent charitable Foundation at the forefront of championing and developing an entrepreneurial culture in Scotland.

Our mission is to transform those who can, in turn, transform Scotland and our entrepreneurial culture. We develop entrepreneurial leaders and a pipeline of high-quality talent: our world class programmes provide transformative experiences, world class teaching, peer to peer learning and access to a global community.

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If you've got questions or want to chat in more detail about our world-class leadership programmes, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lisa Ferguson.