Nadeem Sarwar

Nadeem Sarwar took part in the programme from 2014-2015.  Before joining the Fellowship, Nadeem was a commercial banker at HSBC.

He knew that he wanted to run his own business, he was just unsure of what that looked like. During his time at Babson, he spotted an opportunity in Digital Health. He returned to Scotland to formulate his business plan and work out how he could acquire a business platform to launch his business. According to Nadeem, the Fellowship gave him two things: the confidence to go out and do something himself and the access to an invaluable network of talent and mentors on whom he can rely on.

He knew he had to be investable, bankable and credible. In February last year, after securing a £500k loan, he acquired a business and launched Organised Health Technologies, a robotic online pharmacy. Headquartered in Scotland, he now has 22 staff (Including Saltire alumni), a valuation of 1.5M and a monthly profit of £15k. His 5-year vision is to deliver £10-£20M of annual turnover and an employee headcount of 200.