The Saltire Scholar Programme

Building the leaders of tomorrow.

The Saltire Scholar Programme is Entrepreneurial Scotland's flagship programme designed to find, grow and connect students with the ambition and potential of becoming future leaders for Scotland.

Open to full-time undergraduate penultimate and final year students from all 16 of Scotland's universities, the programme puts students on a year-long transformational development journey, culminating in an 8-12 week funded summer internship with host companies from all over the world.

On this journey, students undergo a robust recruitment process, empowering personal development workshops and work on real commercial projects with their host company.

Through this, students unlock their full potential, foster an entrepreneurial mindset, and feel empowered to drive growth and impact as they navigate their future careers.


The Saltire Scholar Programme: A transformational journey

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Internships with Impact

Our internships deliver impact for both students and host companies. As a Saltire Scholar, you will embark on an exciting internship journey, exploring your career and unlocking your potential, all whilst driving real commercial outcomes for your host company.

Our internships are diverse in nature and are designed to help host companies change or grow. From tackling new challenges and infusing fresh ideas to developing innovative products and services, Saltire Scholars drive transformational results across a wide range of subjects and industry sectors.

Host companies eagerly seek out Saltire Scholars to join their teams, knowing the powerful impact they can have.


Global and local internship opportunities

We partner with leading host companies from across the world, including in the UK, Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia.

Check out some of our Host Company Partners:


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