Discovering the World of Marketing, Mentorship and Healthcare at PE GI Solutions

Sarah Ellis

Digital Marketing Intern, PE GI Solutions

Literature BA (Hons), University of the Highlands and Islands

During my 10 weeks at PE GI Solutions, it’s safe to say I learned a lot about the marketing and healthcare sectors. When I started my internship, I was a complete novice who had a desire to learn and a passion for the business vision and mission. From my very first day, the whole department, as well as the wider PE GI Solutions community, were so supportive of my goals. They gave me training courses to complete and were only a message away if I required support. For me, this meant that my colleagues very quickly became positive role models and mentors in the industry.

After I had completed my training, I started working on projects. The team would make sure I was comfortable and felt ready to begin any new project. During my first SEO project, I was very nervous as this was the first time I had ever worked on anything that was already live on a website. To help alleviate my nerves, I had a Teams call with a colleague who sat with me as I completed my first page. As soon as I had completed this, my confidence grew exponentially and by the end of the internship, I had optimised every post on the PE GI Journal blog, the corporate website and partner centre websites, increasing traffic by over 600%.

Aside from SEO, I worked on lots of other projects including writing blog biographies for staff members who had written for the PE GI Journal, creating QR codes as part of a physician review project, updating review responses and creating a video to promote SecureMD, one of PE GI Solutions’ centres who offer endoscopic services across state prisons in California. To create the video, I worked with a wide range of people including the C.O.O., the service manager for SecureMD, a graphic designer and all Marketing Directors. This video was then used to help drive physician recruitment to the service.

There were also other perks in addition to the work, including a mentorship scheme and a series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ events. The mentorship scheme gave every intern access to senior management to work on professional and personal development. Likewise, the ‘Lunch and Learn’ events allowed all interns from both Scotland and the U.S.A. to interact with each other as well as connect with experts in specific parts of the business.

I would say to anyone in this year’s candidate pool who is looking to apply for an internship at PE GI Solutions that they should absolutely go for it. I understand that the thought of entering into a business in an unfamiliar healthcare system may feel daunting, but the team will take every step possible to ensure that you gain an understanding of that system before and during your project work. Being an intern at PE GI Solutions is truly like joining a community that will support and nurture you from beginning to end.

Written by: Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis