Become a Saltire Scholar

Being a Saltire Scholar sets you on a transformational journey of self-discovery where you can realise your potential, explore your future career, make an impact and shape up to become a future leader.

The experience of being a Saltire Scholar will be challenging, exhilarating, rewarding, social and fun, and for many, it can be life-changing. We are looking for passionate candidates with the potential and ambition of being the next generation of leaders.

Saltire Scholars are ambitious, creative and seek to challenge themselves. We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and are prepared to give back in return for their opportunity.

The Saltire Scholar Programme is open to all full-time undergraduate students in their penultimate or final year of study at a Scottish university. It is open to students from all degree backgrounds which means that whether you’re studying to be a social worker, a physicist or an accountant, you could gain an internship through the programme if you prove you have the right attitude.

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8/10/12 Week Internships

Saltire Scholars work with some of the world’s most recognised brands and innovative companies. You will undertake a project of commercial significance and deliver tangible results to your host company by applying theoretical learning in a professional environment over an 8-12 week period.

Scholars experience a different perspective by working in person at an organisation with a global focus whilst immersing themselves in a different culture.

Alternatively, Scholars can undertake a virtual internship, allowing them to work from home.

Our Programme offers a range of Internship experiences, across multiple industries and sectors and all internships are fully remunerated.


Explore the UK's vibrant business landscape and gain invaluable hands-on experience through our UK-based internships. Work closely with leading Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Irish businesses where you can work on real commercial projects and drive impactful change. Build connections with influential industry professionals and mentors who will shape your leadership journey.

  • For internships in Scotland and the wider UK, Scholars are paid the Living Wage per hour (£10.90)
  • For internships in London, Scholars are paid the Living Wage per hour (£11.95)
  • For internships within the UK, support can be given to help Scholars identify their accommodation.

Embark on a global adventure and broaden your horizons with our International Internships. Intern with esteemed global host companies based in Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia. (Historically, we have placed Saltire Scholars in China, Japan, India, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates).

Through this transformational internship, you will experience different cultures, work on commercially driven projects, and establish connections on a global scale. Embrace the enriching experience of cross-cultural collaboration, honing your adaptability, resilience and global mindset as you make an impact on businesses worldwide.

  • For internships outside of the UK, all costs are covered (flights, accommodation, visas, insurance. Saltire Scholars receive a nominal stipend to cover living expenses.

Experience the world of international business right from the heart of Scotland through our Virtual Internships. As a Virtual Saltire Scholar, you will have the opportunity to work with international companies and teams, gaining valuable insights and cross-cultural communication skills. These internships allow you to expand your network and complete a project of commercial significance while staying rooted in Scotland.

All Virtual Internships are fully paid at the Scottish Living Wage of £10.90/hour

Why become a Saltire Scholar?

The Saltire Scholar Programme is more than just an internship. Beyond gaining a high-quality internship, you can expect to benefit from a whole range of opportunities that will ignite your leadership potential and set you on a positive career path upon graduation.

Unlock your leadership potential

Our programme is all about building your self-belief and the connections you need to help you succeed and realise your potential. It’s a transformational journey that sets you up to become a future leader in business.

Launch your career on the global stage

Kickstart your career with one of our global host company partners. Explore your future career prospects (no matter your degree background), expand your network and gain a global mindset. Many Saltire Scholars gain graduate positions with their host after their internships.

It's a Badge of Excellence

Being a Saltire Scholar is a nationally recognised badge of excellence by employers across all industries. It sets you apart as a next-generation leader known for driving growth and impact for businesses.

Accelerate your Personal Development

Accelerate your personal development by experiencing the recruitment cycle before most students. Undergo our application process, assessment centres, interviews, workshops and an 8-12 week internship, developed to build your resilience, skills and your entrepreneurial mindset.

Equal Opportunities

Our programme is open to all students from all degree backgrounds. It’s fully remunerated, ensuring all students can experience our transformational programme. Other forms of support are also available to ensure everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

Make an Impact

Saltire Scholars drive growth and impact, not only for their host company, but for Scotland. The programme helps you to unlock the confidence, connections and mindset needed to drive the growth, change and impact Scotland needs to thrive as a society.

The Application Process

At each stage, our application process views you holistically and we recruit based on skill, ability and aspiration. The most successful applicants will draw on experiences from their work, university, volunteering and personal life. We urge applicants to think about their transferable skills and how these might be applied within an employment context.