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Supporting Entrepreneurial Scotland

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With a fast growing member network reaching across Scotland and internationally, Entrepreneurial Scotland is inspiring, developing and connecting a diverse, talented and ambitious group of people who have the potential to change our economy and society.  As well as joining our network there are lots of different ways you can support us as we aim to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Become a Corporate Partner

Our corporate partners bring expertise, experience and resources in support of our member network. Each Corporate Partner has a significant presence in the Scottish business community, and a proven track record in backing entrepreneurial leaders and encouraging business growth.

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Donate to our Foundation

Our charitable foundation exists because of the participation and financial support of visionary individuals, trusts and organisations who see Scotland's potential and have taken the step to make a change. 

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Developing Leaders

Be a Saltire Host

Our world-class development programmes provide high potential individuals at the early or mid-career stages with the opportunity to accelerate their career. A vital part of our programmes is providing opportunities to learn from leading global and entrepreneurial companies like yours.

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