The Exchange

Building belief. Connecting leaders. Growing Scotland.

A transformative peer support group for ambitious leaders.

The Exchange, powered by the Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation, is more than just a peer support group. With roots going back to the 1990s, our belief has always been clear: your success is Scotland's success. We provide the support, connections, and insights you need to navigate the challenges of leadership and drive your business, and ultimately, Scotland, forward.


The Exchange is built on three principles to help drive growth:

No one does it alone.

Leading a business can be lonely. We help you surround yourself with like-minded leaders on a similar journey.

Leaders learn from leaders.

Leadership skills can’t be learned from a manual. We connect you with other’s who have been there and done it to give you more wisdom and insight to grow your business.

Your network is your networth.

With the right network, you can open the door to new opportunities for growth, be inspired to think bigger and navigate the challenges that present themselves as you scale.

Go further, together.

Join a highly curated peer board.

Imagine having your own Board of peer advisors providing advice, challenge, insight and accountability. With The Exchange, you can do just that. Led by a dedicated Chair, you will join a peer group that unites Scotland’s most ambitious business leaders, forming your very own Exchange Board that will help build connections, boost your self-belief, challenge you and unlock a network of networks.

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Learn, grow, connect, exchange.

True growth happens in collaboration, not isolation. Through your Exchange Board, you will experience a variety of peer sessions designed to support, validate, challenge, inspire and provide accountability as you grow and scale together. This includes a private overnight retreat, curated board meetings, private networking dinners, mentoring sessions and more.

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Backed by experience.

Not only will you learn, grow and connect with your peers, The Exchange grants you access to our network of influential leaders and experts to help you gain the tailored insights, knowledge and lessons to drive you and your business forward. Gain access to:

  • Senior Leaders: Gain insights from our Ambassadors and Patrons, established leaders who have been in your shoes before.
  • Tailored Experiences: Engage with Entrepreneurial Scotland’s ecosystem of speakers and experts to address your key challenges.
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Unlock the journey.

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The Exchange accepts applications from business founders and leaders.