Scotland's future will be shaped by those who think, act and lead in an entrepreneurial way

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Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation is an independent charity that exists to equip you and your organisation with the mindset, skills and connectivity to deliver personal and business growth. We have 20 years’ experience supporting 1000s of talented people to unlock potential.

We provide transformative programmes to enable you to think, act and lead entrepreneurially. Our programmes blend experience, world class teaching and peer to peer learning. We are supported by experience, generosity and goodwill from our community of 5,000 leaders.

Our Programmes

Our programmes develop the skills, mindset and connections of current and future entrepreneurial leaders through a blend of experiential, taught and peer learning with supporting diagnostic tools.

Our programmes are for everyone at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey: scholars and graduates, start-ups to scale-ups, corporates to social enterprises, in Government and higher education - everywhere.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Programmes are designed for those who want to be effective at leading growth and change amidst uncertainty and volatility. The programmes blend Entrepreneurial Diagnostics, world class teaching with Babson College and others, peer to peer and experiential learning, with direct support from those who have been there and done it.

Everyone understands the importance of being entrepreneurial within business but how do you achieve this or nurture it within your business? Our programmes are specifically designed to do just that. We provide you with the very latest international insights and learning, all in an environment that actively works to connect you with like-minded peers so the learning can continue long after the programme has finished. We don't want you to just learn with ES, we want you to surround yourself with peers that you can continue to learn from.

Talent Development

Our Talent Development Programmes are designed to find, fuel and spark entrepreneurial talent and connect it to organisations that need it.

It’s easy to recruit people with defined skills but how do you find people with that something special; when curiosity & drive are their natural way of being and they consistently nurture others. Our talent programmes are built specifically to find and nurture just that, people who have more than just the skills you need but the entrepreneurial attributes to make things happen. We identify these individuals across every sector and every Scottish university at graduate level, nurture that potential and then connect them with organisations that can help them grow and they can help grow. We want the best talent working with the best Scottish businesses.

Our Impact

Entrepreneurial people create jobs, generate wealth to reinvest, and breathe life into the solutions we need.

They shape Scotland, they create new opportunities and enrich our entrepreneurial culture, laying the foundations for future generations. It is a virtuous circle. Our collective job is to keep that circle moving.

Leaders supported

We have supported 5,000+ high potential leaders and talent over the last 20 years

Saltire Leaders promoted

93% of our company sponsored Saltire Leaders have been promoted within one year of completion

Additional revenue for Scotland

For every £1 donated, Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation generates £9.40 of additional revenue for Scotland

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world. We are an independent charitable Foundation at the forefront of championing and developing an entrepreneurial culture in Scotland.

Our mission is to transform those who can, in turn, transform Scotland and our entrepreneurial culture. We develop entrepreneurial leaders and a pipeline of high-quality talent: our world class programmes provide transformative experiences, world class teaching, peer to peer learning and access to a 5,000+ global community.

As an independent charitable Foundation, we are free to collaborate with any world-class partners in Scotland and internationally who share our vision.


Join our community

Ours is not a community for people looking to sell things, it a tribe of sorts for those who are passionate about what they do and why they do it. A place to learn, connect and reconnect with passion for their business.

Our Strategy

We take all we have – our programmes, our team, our connections, our voice – and combine it with the immense goodwill in our community of 5,000. With that we equip entrepreneurial leaders and talent with the skills, mindset and connections to go forward and create economic and social value. In time, they will nudge forward our entrepreneurial culture, laying the ground for future generations. It is a virtuous circle.

We too are not alone and are part of something bigger. As a founder and leader in the Scotland CANDO Collective we are building an entrepreneurial movement. We believe that Scotland can, by working together, create the world’s most entrepreneurial society … again.



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