Skyscanner Cofounder Offers Golden Ticket to Aspiring Future Leader

Gareth Williams, the co-founder of air travel comparison website Skyscanner, will provide guidance and experience to an ambitious intern as part of Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Scholars Programme this year.

Skyscanner Co-Founder, Gareth Williams
Skyscanner Co-Founder, Gareth Williams

Skyscanner founder and former CEO Gareth Williams will host and mentor a paid intern this year as part of Entrepreneurial Scotland’s flagship Saltire Scholars Programme. The programme is currently recruiting organisations to host additional scholars this summer with the deadline for taking part being the end of April.

With the aim of accelerating the leaders of tomorrow, the Saltire Scholars Programme matches organisations around the world with pre-vetted, high-calibre undergraduate students. Successful candidates are asked to deliver impactful projects of commercial significance during a summer internship.

This prestigious programme has already helped launch the careers of almost 2,000 people since 2007.

Gareth is the latest high-profile figure to get involved in one of Scotland’s biggest-ever personal development initiatives for young and ambitious future leaders. Network Rail and Sydney Airport are among the other world-renowned brands already confirmed to welcome interns this summer.

Gareth will take the lucky intern under his wing for a 10-week internship, where they will work directly with him on an AI data project.

This 10-week internship is an opportunity for Gareth to benefit from the latest skills and fresh perspectives of an undergraduate, whilst imparting his decades of leadership experience.

Speaking about why he joined the programme as a host, Gareth said:

“Future leaders need to be nurtured if we are to build a successful economy that can support the Scotland we all want to see. I was impressed by the level of work that goes into uncovering these high potential young people and I know I can get useful work done whilst supporting their journey. I urge other business leaders to consider hosting an intern through the programme.

The companies that participated in previous years are coming back offering even more placements. That’s a clear sign to me that this programme works.”

Sean McGrath, CEO of Entrepreneurial Scotland, is excited about what the summer of 2024 holds for Scotland’s entrepreneurial spirit. He said:

“We’re determined to ensure that the nation’s best entrepreneurial talent is discovered and given the opportunity to thrive. We’re excited that this year’s programme is set to be our biggest yet, with over 650 student interns ready and waiting to enter businesses this summer.

Not only are we the largest programme of our kind in Europe, but unique opportunities like this to work directly with experienced entrepreneurs like Gareth truly sets us apart.”

Entrepreneurial Scotland is seeking new organisations to join their Saltire Scholars Programme as hosts this summer. Businesses and entrepreneurial leaders in Scotland have the opportunity to host ‘Saltire Scholar’ interns in their business for up to 12 weeks, where they will deliver a project of your choice.

Entrepreneurial Scotland has a vetted candidate pool of over 650 interns who hail from all degree backgrounds and subject areas including business management, marketing, life sciences, computer science, engineering and more.

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