Scott Grant

2016: Saltire Scholar, Commercial & Finance Intern, Indie Semiconductor, California
2023 - now: Finance Director, Indie Semiconductor, London

From Finance Intern to Finance Director

Scott Grant is the Finance Director at Indie Semiconductor – an auto-tech company based in California that is empowering the next generation of automotive semiconductors and software platforms in auto-tech.

In 2016, Indie Semiconductor established a partnership with Entrepreneurial Scotland’s flagship internship programme, the Saltire Scholar Programme, to host interns annually.

Scott Grant was the company’s very first intern in 2016 and made such an impression as a Commercial & Finance Intern, that he was offered a full-time position following his graduation. Fast forward to 2023, Scott has progressed internally to become the company’s Finance Director, based in London.


The start of a vibrant career

Scott was first introduced to the programme during his third year at university in 2015 as an International Business student at the University of Strathclyde. Reflecting, Scott shares how he felt when he discovered the opportunity to intern with Indie Semiconductor in 2016.

“The enthusiasm I felt upon discovering the opportunity at Indie Semiconductor was the same joy you feel when you come home to find the food you were thinking about all day – I was so happy. As soon as I read about the role, I knew I was going for it and was going to do everything I could to secure the internship.

Scott successfully secured the role as a Commercial & Finance Intern with Indie in 2016. After his internship, Scott was set to graduate in 2017 with a number of opportunities available to him.

I had offers and opportunities from graduate schemes, but they just didn’t appeal to me. Before I had finished university at the end of 2017, the CFO and CEO of Indie Semiconductor asked what my plans were. I really wanted to push myself, and the opportunity to work with a business born in Southern California seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Scott accepted the opportunity to work for Indie, and in 2017 joined as a Financial Analyst. Each year thereafter, Scott progressed steadily in the company.

Now in the 7th year of his professional career, Scott can reflect on his journey and credits the Saltire Scholar Programme as a pivotal moment that has impacted his life and career.

Joining the Saltire Scholar Programme reflects a critical decision that has significantly shaped my professional career trajectory.

I credit the programme for its influential, priceless, and life-changing impact on my career. I don’t know if I could have achieved the same outcome without the programme. I remain deeply grateful for the transformative experiences and opportunities it has provided me.

Keeping the cycle going

After his experience with Indie and the Saltire Scholar Programme, Scott has worked with the CEO and other leaders to support Indie in hosting more Saltire Scholars each year.

Indie has hosted 17+ Saltire Scholars since 2016 across several departments, including finance, operations, human resource management, auditing and compliance and engineering.

For Scott, he is keen to encourage others to consider the Saltire Scholar Programme. He concludes:

“I’ve been incredibly lucky in benefiting from the Saltire Scholar Internship Programme. What I also take real pride in is being able to give back and help to strengthen the Scottish economy, which is really important to me, having lived in Glasgow for most of my life.”
“I know exactly what it has done for my career, and I know I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been lucky enough to go on the programme. It’s amazing to see companies like ours support the next generation of talent, investing in the future and opening opportunities for people, and the support provided by Entrepreneurial Scotland exceeds all expectations – for scholars and host companies. I don’t know any other programme that comes close to what Saltire are doing and I hope it will help bring Scotland into the forefront of industries worldwide in years to come.”
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