Wessington Cryogenics


  • Hundreds of thousands of pounds in savings predicted over 5 years

  • Access to high-calibre talent, creating a pipeline of graduate employees

  • Efficiencies and cost savings through dedicated projects

Driving Cost Efficiencies: Wessington Cryogenics Success with Saltire Scholars

Richard Herdman, Engineering Director at Wessington Cryogenics, shares how cost-reduction projects delivered by Saltire Scholar Interns will save their business hundreds of thousands of pounds over the next five years.

About Wessington Cryogenics

Wessington Cryogenics is a world-leading design and manufacturing business based in the North-East of England, supplying cryogenic vessels for various applications, including laboratories, traditional and net zero energy. To date, they have hosted five Saltire Scholars in total who have undertaken a variety of roles within their Engineering and Project Management teams.


Richard Herdman, Wessington’s Engineering Director, led the decision to join the Saltire Scholar Programme as a host company predominantly for access to the programme's high-calibre talent pool. He anticipated that scholars would excel technically and contribute fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the team - and he hasn’t been disappointed yet.

Additionally, Richard’s own passion for mentoring and providing opportunities to young individuals, aligns seamlessly with the programme's ethos and values.

Saltire Scholars, these young people, are different. The quality of the work has always been delivered at a high technical level and standard but, more than that, the candidates that we have selected have been driven, engaged, and have brought a level of enthusiasm and dynamism to the organisation and to the team.

When scholars are given the right project, it is astonishing what they can deliver for you in just 12 weeks.

Richard Herdman
Engineering Director, Wessington Cryogenics


Since partnering with the programme in 2022, Wessington Cryogenics has hosted 5 Saltire Scholars, all delivering a number of beneficial and impactful projects.

In 2023, Ross, a chemical engineering student from the University of Strathclyde, was tasked with re-inventing the engineering department’s existing data management solution as part of his internship, used for tracking project milestones and efficiency.

In response to this, Ross developed the company’s first-ever mobile app, serving as a dynamic input tool for SQL servers. This transition not only provided a more adaptable and secure data input method but also enhanced scalability for the future.

The efficiencies and cost-savings realised by the scholars have surpassed anything imaginable just a couple of years ago, and the Wessington team plan on maintaining their host company status within the Saltire Scholar Programme for years to come.


Some of the cost reduction projects that have been run by the interns could easily save hundreds of thousands of pounds over a five-year period. In terms of margin contribution and success of the business financially, those projects have been very helpful from a value-add perspective, particularly in relation to the cost of programme participation.

Impressed by the calibre of talent offered through the programme, Wessington Cryogenics has since hired two Saltire Scholars, including Ross. The Wessington Cryogenics team has also been able to expand their business network, making high-profile, impactful connections with other host companies and Saltire Scholar programme supporters.

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