Our Impact & Action

Entrepreneurial people create jobs, generate wealth to reinvest, and breathe life into the solutions we need. They shape Scotland, they create new opportunities and enrich our entrepreneurial culture, laying the foundations for future generations. It is a virtuous circle. Our collective job is to keep that circle moving.

We are an independent, non-political, OSCR regulated, Scottish charity, led by active Trustees and a committed team. Supported by a charitable foundation in the United States and a community of Fellows representing the finest Scottish entrepreneurial leaders.

We exist to take action and make an impact. Our impact is directly aligned to the UN Sustainability Goals and Scotland's National Outcomes. The work of our alumni and wider community impacts on every one of the Sustainability Goals and National Outcomes.


We have supported over 1,300 Scholars and 1,500 Entrepreneurial Leaders

Total Income

In 2019, 91% of total income went directly to the delivery of programs

New Businesses

Our Saltire Alumni have started 99 new businesses and, of those who are 3+ years post-graduation, 287 (35%) are in C-level roles.

Increase in Sales

82% of Babson participants (Saltire Fellows and Saltire Leaders) saw an increase in sales directly related to their learning

Additional Earned Revenue

In 2019, for every £1 donated the Foundation generated £9.40 of additional earned revenue

Potential Leaders

1,477 high potential leaders have participated in our world leading and award-winning programs.

A Vision For 2030

We take all we have – our programmes, our team, our connections, our voice – and combine it with the immense goodwill in our community of 5,000. With that we equip entrepreneurial leaders and talent with the skills, mindset and connections to go forward and create economic and social value. In time, they will nudge forward our entrepreneurial culture, laying the ground for future generations. It is a virtuous circle.

We too are not alone and are part of something bigger. As a founder and leader in the Scotland CANDO Collective we are building an entrepreneurial movement. We believe that Scotland can, by working together, create the world’s most entrepreneurial society … again.

Scholar Accomplishments

The 2019 Saltire Scholar Programme had its largest ever cohort of 181 placed Saltire Scholars ( 53% female - 47% male).

The Programme worked with 83 leading and entrepreneurial host companies across 11 countries in 61 different towns and cities.

YoY Increase

We placed an increased number of students in Scottish based internships in 2019


Across Scotland were represented in the cohort this year

Scholars exceed expectations

Host company feedback indicated that 70% of Saltire Scholars exceeded host company expectations..

Would host again

89% of Saltire Scholar host companies would host again and host NPS score is 79 (73 in 2018).

Offered post-internship employement

16 of our 2019 scholars were either offered post-internship employment or had their internships extended.

Roles Advertised

30 roles were advertised with our alumni through our new talent matching initiative, providing further opportunities for our next generation. To date 5 individuals have been placed and recruitment is ongoing.

Support Us

You too can play a vital role. We would not exist without the generosity of donors, sponsors and hosts. Your support will grow our impact on Scotland's future.