Calling all Future Leaders: Register your interest in the 2024 Saltire Scholar Programme

Are you ready to embark on a journey that could redefine your future? We’re thrilled to announce that you can now register your interest in joining the 2024 Saltire Scholar Programme!

Open to full time undergraduate students in their penultimate or final year at Scottish Universities, the Saltire Scholar Programme is more than an internship programme; it’s a year-long journey of self-discovery and development. For students willing to embrace challenges and rise to the occasion, the programme is a ticket to a brighter future. The programme is designed to help you unlock your leadership potential, explore your future career, and immerse yourself in real-world experiences that can shape your personal development.


Who is the programme for?

The Saltire Scholar Programme is open to all penultimate and final-year undergraduate students at universities across Scotland. We’re looking for ambitious students who aspire to make a difference and want to unleash their potential to become future leaders one day.

The programme is open to students from all degree backgrounds and disciplines. We don’t take your academic experience or grades into account, it’s all about your attributes and potential. Whilst we do look at your degree subjects, the programme is a gateway for you to redefine your career trajectory, often exploring new pathways that you didn’t think of before. In the past, we have seen biology students become digital marketers, English students become research analysts, and language students try business development. Many students gain internships that align with their degree, but what makes your internship a success is your drive, ambition, and dedication.


What can you expect?

An internship with impact

At the heart of the Saltire Scholar Programme is the opportunity to secure an 8–12-week summer internship with a dynamic host company. Your internship will see you tasked with undertaking a project of commercial significance, immersed in a new industry where you will deliver tangible and impactful results. Saltire Scholars have been known to conduct important research, drive marketing campaigns, run large-scale events, create new strategies, and even design new products and services. These projects not only shape your journey, but also make a mark on your host company too.


Worldwide opportunities

Becoming a Saltire Scholar enables you to live, travel and work in new cities across the world, immersing yourself in diverse cultures. This is a real opportunity to see the world and create valuable industry connections all whilst building the resilience, confidence and global mindset needed to apply to your future career.


Accelerated personal development

Your personal development starts from the very moment you apply. Becoming a Saltire Scholar is a robust but rewarding process that encapsulates a number of stages, all designed to give you the vital experience needed to excel in the job market once you graduate. This includes giving you experience in:

  • Navigating the application process
  • Engaging in an assessment centre featuring three diverse workshops
  • Exploring internship opportunities, interviewing with local and global organisations
  • Participating in a series of personal developmentworkshops throughout the summer

Does this sound like the programme for you?

Register your interest now!