Collaboration for growth: A Night with Richard Lochhead MSP

Entrepreneurial Scotland hosted a ministerial dinner with Richard Lochhead MSP, Minister for Small Business, Innovation, Tourism and Trade, a thought-provoking evening generously sponsored by Brown Shipley.

The event brought together senior business leaders from diverse sectors across Scotland to explore a crucial question: “What does Scotland realistically need to do to succeed?”

Richard Lochhead MSP was joined by an established group of entrepreneurs, CEOs and business visionaries to engage in insightful conversations. These discussions not only underscored the importance of collaboration between the Scottish Government and the broader business community but also emphasised the significance of understanding challenges and opportunities from both perspectives.

The consensus of the evening was clear: to succeed, we must align closely together under a shared vision to make Scotland a more prosperous society. We must foster a stronger, collaborative relationship between government and business, one that requires mutual understanding, support and cooperation. It’s about forging a dynamic partnership that leverages the strengths of both sectors.

Sean McGrath, CEO of Entrepreneurial Scotland, added, “This event highlights the invaluable role of collaboration between government and business in driving Scotland's success. It's about recognising that we share a common purpose—to see Scotland flourish. It's inspiring to witness leaders from various fields come together to chart a path forward.”

We look forward to continuing these critical discussions and exploring ways to drive Scotland’s growth and prosperity, together. We would like to extend our gratitude to Brown Shipley for sponsoring this insightful event.