£140,000 THANK YOUS!

Crowdfunding campaign success as total raised reaches almost DOUBLE the original target.

Our crowdfunding campaign aimed at creating a new wave of Scots entrepreneurs has succeeded in almost DOUBLING its target.

We can reveal that our #FundTheFuture drive has raised a colossal £140,000 – virtually twice as much as the original target of £75,000.

Now we are publicly thanking YOU for your kindness and we promise the money will be used to ensure a greater number of people can take part in our programmes.

In March, we launched the crowdfund as part of our ongoing mission to turn Scotland into “the most entrepreneurial society in the world” by 2030.

The aim is to deliver a twin boost to our vital work. It took just four weeks to reach £140,000 with the appeal coming to an end on April 23.

The money raised will increase the scope of our “Saltire Scholar” internship programme which provides entrepreneurially-minded university students in their penultimate year of study an internship in Scotland or overseas – focusing on identifying those with potential and ambition, and giving them a platform to hone their skills for future employment.

Secondly, money raised will be used to create a Bursary Scheme – a first for Entrepreneurial Scotland – to help fund our existing “Executive Leadership Programme.” This will have a particular emphasis on supporting access to “social entrepreneurs” whose vision and leadership benefits society.

We have set an ambitious target of supporting 2000 Saltire Scholars and 1000 Leaders by 2030 #FundTheFuture will help achieve that goal.

Sara Cook, our Director for Impact, said the organisation had been “overwhelmed” by the generosity and support in response to the crowdfunding appeal.

Sara said: “When we set out at the start of the campaign, we really didn’t know what was possible and we believed that a target of £75,000 was an ambitious goal. This whole process has just shown us the depth of support within our network, and the value of the work we do in terms of the people, businesses and communities who feel that positive impact.

“As a result of these donations, the Entrepreneurial Scotland team can continue to deliver and scale this impact. Ensuring greater numbers of participants in our learning programmes brings us closer to our mission of positioning Scotland as the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

“We are delighted to be able to tell all participants in our 2021/2022 programmes that they have belief and backing of others. This sense of pride and community that this will foster will prove vital.”

Donations ranged from just £10 to larger sums with, remarkably, over 70 per cent of donors being programme alumni who are now keen to help others. Contributions from overseas were also received.

One said: “The Foundation provided me with one of the most impactful experiences of my life. My internship gave me the confidence that drives me through my career to this day. Thank you for making it possible!”

A second contributor added: “This internship was the first time I saw myself as an entrepreneur, because the programme believed in me! It changed my life for the better, I hope it can continue to do so for others!”

A third who pledged money said: “Wishing continued success and hoping more people get to access the training and support of Entrepreneurial Scotland. It was completely transformative for my own career - I am forever grateful!”

Sandy Kennedy, our Chief Executive, added: “These hugely-supportive comments reflect the overwhelming goodwill of the entrepreneurial community we serve.

“We have been deeply humbled by such generosity and thank everyone who has contributed. So many people answered the call to help us carry on creating entrepreneurial leaders and we are profoundly grateful.”