Entrepreneurial Scotland, Scottish Government and CivTech call for better connectivity between leaders and businesses

CivTech, the Scottish Government’s tech accelerator for the public sector – has launched its latest round of innovation challenges with £7m worth of contract opportunities up for grabs.

Entrepreneurial Scotland, in partnership with The Scottish Government and the Economy Directorate, are excited to be part of the seventh set of Challenges, which invites companies and individuals from across the UK and beyond to develop innovative solutions that resolve challenges faced by the public sector.

As part of Challenge 7.3, Entrepreneurial Scotland is seeking responses to the question: ‘How can technology help people self-organise and build meaningful connections as the beating heart of Scotland’s global business community?’


Entrepreneurial Scotland has set this challenge to find a solution that will help connect Scotland’s local and global business community together in one central location, where leaders at all stages of their careers can interact, build meaningful connections and drive real-time peer-to-peer and peer-to-near-pear learning.

By setting this challenge, we hope to find a solution that can help unlock the knowledge and value of Scotland’s most experienced people to help the growing leaders and organisations of tomorrow, which will in turn drive quality and security of employment as well as economic prosperity for the Scottish economy.

To learn more about the challenge, watch the video above to hear from Entrepreneurial Scotland CEO, Sean McGrath, and Director of Operations, Janet Black.