ESF partners with The Herald to showcase Scotland's business go-getters

The new partnership will showcase and celebrate Scotland's rising business stars and blossoming entrepreneurial landscape.

It's not only the future of the economy that relies upon the spirit of entrepreneurialism. Scotland's self-confidence and very identity as a country have long been defined by innovation and a flair for business – and it is those who have inherited that pioneering spirit that an exciting new partnership between The Herald and Entrepreneurial Scotland will seek to nurture . . .

Sean McGrath, CEO of Entrepreneurial Scotland, left, with Managing Director of Newsquest Scotland, David Ward (Image: Colin Mearns)

Scotland's economic future will be shaped by those who think, act and lead with an entrepreneurial mindset – and the launch of a new partnership between The Herald and charity Entrepreneurial Scotland aims to showcase those who continually innovate and break new ground to secure success in business.

Entrepreneurial Scotland was originally founded to equip businesses with the mindset, skills and connectivity to deliver personal and business growth – and has now clocked up two decades of inspiring thousands of talented people to unlock their entrepreneurial potential.

The charity operates a number of transformative programmes that enable Scottish business leaders to think, act and lead with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Newsquest Scotland managing director David Ward said: “The Herald is delighted to be working in partnership with Entrepreneurial Scotland, driving the next generation of enterprise and innovation. In what is an uncertain and volatile economy, it is critical to provide a platform for promotion of Scottish business success stories and communicate this via our broad multimedia network.

“Our business coverage across print, digital and social channels acts as a constant champion of achievement across all sectors and through this new relationship, we are excited by the opportunity to discuss growth areas and give a voice to blossoming SMEs across the country.

“Through the Newsquest Scotland Events Division, we also recognise and celebrate success from businesses of all sizes and scales across a spectrum of industries, and through these initiatives, we will have further scope to support entrepreneurial spirit at every level.”

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