New Learning and Development Programme for 2021 Saltire Scholar Programme

Alongside the internship programme, candidates of the Saltire Scholar Programme will all be able to benefit from a new L&D initiative.

The L&D activity complements the internship programme objectives whilst also ensuring that all candidates will have the chance to access relevant and valuable learning and development opportunities, regardless of whether they obtain an internship or not.

"We've all been impacted by Covid-19, but young people in particular are going to be feeling the effects of the pandemic for some time to come. We are proud to be able to present additional learning and development activities beyond the internship programme so that more talented students from Scotland can become better equipped and inspired to continue with their leadership journey" Kelly Glass, Saltire Scholar Programme Manager

Webinars and learning resources have been designed in-house and are tailored specifically for the 2021 Saltire Scholar candidates. Topics have included CV and Cover Letter writing (webinar delivered by Saltire Alumnus Allyson Boyd), interview guidance, and a webinar on resilience will be delivered in April where candidates will get to hear from Darren McBurney, an Executive Director at Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution and Saltire Alumni about how resilience has aided their career journey.

“Excellent webinar, fully comprehensive and has helped me with my current application. Skills that are not really taught elsewhere.” CV and Cover Letter Webinar Feedback from 2021 Saltire Scholar candidate

If you would like to be involved in the L&D activity, eg, present a topic that would be relevant for the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, produce learning materials specifically for the Saltire Scholar Candidates, or help facilitate webinar activities and discussions, please contact