Record number of interviewers for the Saltire Scholar Programme

From early December to mid-January, the Scholar Team put Zoom through its paces — conducting over 470 speed interviews with students who made it to this stage of recruitment of the 2022 Saltire Scholar Programme.

Assisting us with this process was an incredible cohort of interviewers. 190 people rallied to the cause to interview the candidates, dialling in from all corners of the globe from San Francisco to Malaysia and from Toronto to Sydney and everywhere in between. Primarily comprising of Scholar Alumni and others from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including Global Scots, this is the largest group of interviewers which the Saltire Scholar Programme has ever had involved in the process. Each year we are always so grateful for the time these passionate individuals give the programme to help interview candidates and for their commitment to identifying the next generation of leaders for Scotland.

Speaking of their interviewer experience:

“I always want to try and give back to the programme where possible and was delighted there were evening interview slots I could get involved with this year. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my Saltire internship experience and 6 years on, I still credit the programme for my own career ambition.” – Sophie Hinshelwood, Customer Collaboration Lead. Diageo, Amsterdam. 2016 Saltire Scholar.

Of the students who were interviewed 408 have been invited into the Candidate Pool. This is still a competitive stage of the programme, lasting from late-January through to the end of May during which time they will have multiple opportunities to apply to a range of internship opportunities both domestically, internationally, in-person and virtually.

Would you like to host a Saltire Scholar in your business this summer?

While the Candidate Pool is now confirmed, the process of sourcing companies to host these talented students continues. Since 2007, over 1500 Saltire Scholars have been hosted by over 370 companies across 32 countries globally.

Saltire internships range from medical device development in a Silicon Valley start-up, working in risk control in a FTSE100 in London to VR Engineering in Japan. The variety of internship projects and range of host companies we see each year is mirrored by the diversity of the Candidate Pool.

These entrepreneurially minded penultimate year undergraduate students represent all of Scotland’s universities and study a range of degree disciplines ranging from business and accountancy, engineering and physics, humanities and arts to computer science and life sciences.

65% of the candidates have at least one widening participation marker, 20% identify as coming from a Minority Ethnic group and 24% are female studying a STEM subject. The candidates also have an incredible range of transferable skills gained from out with their studies with some candidates even having started their own businesses over the pandemic!

Our Candidate Pool

of the candidates

have at least one widening participation marker.


as coming from a Minority Ethnic group.

are female

studying a STEM subject.

We are always seeking to partner with new companies from all sectors and industries who can provide meaningful placements to a student who will bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and an abundance of energy. By providing these potentially life-defining project-based internships, particularly during a time when the pandemic is still adversely affecting young peoples’ opportunities, our host company partners can expect to receive tangible value, results and impact from the Scholars that they host.

What our Scholars & Hosts Say

of our 2021 Host Companies

stated that our programme represented good value for money.

of our 2021 Host Companies

stated their Saltire Scholar exceeded their expectations.

of 2021 Saltire Scholars

stated a significant growth in their confidence and ambition as a result of the internship.

Both Scholars arrived and felt full of energy and enthusiasm. These two young bright individuals stood out from Day 1 and made a real positive impact. They both left with glowing references from a wide range of partners who they interacted with.

Andy Wilson
Head of Commercial. AquaScot, Scotland, 2021 Saltire Scholar Host Company.


If you’d like to support the next generation of future leaders and find out more about hosting one within your business this summer, get in touch with: - Companies based in USA - Companies based in Canada - Companies based in the UK, Europe and Rest of World

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