2022 Saltire Scholar Programme Has Launched!

Founded and nurtured through the GlobalScot network, Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Scholar Internship Programme creates the next generation of leaders for Scotland through providing high-quality internships located in Scotland and throughout the world.

The programme was established to give young people studying at Scottish universities the global mindset, confidence and ambition to achieve their full potential, thus growing the capacity of Scotland to become one of the world’s most entrepreneurial societies in the world.

Since its foundation in 2007, the Saltire Scholar Programme has provided over 1,500 individuals these transformative experiences and with the launch of the 2022 Saltire Scholar Programme, we’re excited to attract even more talented students from all of Scotland’s universities to apply.

Since student applications opened on 13th October the Scholar team, with the support of 57 Brand Ambassadors who completed the programme this summer, have been virtually visiting university campuses all around Scotland. Over 25 recruitment events have been planned and delivered, with currently 700 students engaged in the programme so far. Students have until midnight on 10th November to submit their competency based online applications.

Lisa Ireland, 2021 Saltire Scholar at the Scottish Government office in Canada said:
"Becoming a Brand Ambassador is an important way for me to give back to the Saltire Scholar Programme. I am particularly motivated by the prospect of encouraging more students from humanities to apply and discover the transferable skills they already have to offer. I hope that this will encourage more young people to value their professional potential and to settle for nothing less than exciting, well-paid employment, regardless of their degree discipline.”

Students applying to the programme will take part in a multistage recruitment process, including a speed interview stage where they are interviewed from mid-December to mid-January by a Brand Ambassador and a member of the entrepreneurial community, including Saltire Alumni, who are passionate about enabling and supporting the next generation of leaders for Scotland. Each year approximately 100 interviewers are involved in this recruitment phase, before successful applicants are then welcomed into the Candidate Pool which is where they start applying to the internship opportunities from mid-January into Spring.

Carl Drown, 2021 Saltire interviewer said:

“I’m a firm believer in the giving back for the opportunities afforded to me ethos at Entrepreneurial Scotland. I also really like being involved and networking amongst the ES and Saltire community whilst helping find the next generation of talent coming through.”

Also underway are initial conversations with companies around the globe who could benefit from hosting a Saltire Scholar next summer. With the easing of Covid restrictions and building confidence of returning to the office, there is optimism that students will get to apply to more in-person internships that are being offered by companies not just in the UK but also overseas, particularly in North America with the support of our in-country US Business Development Director and Canadian and US Saltire Board Members.

Matt Armstrong, VP Global Government Affairs, Baker Hughes Washington DC said:

“Our 2021 Saltire intern exceeded expectations. She came to the role with an open, inquiring mind, professional demeanour and a solid work ethic. We are motivated to partner with the Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation as we are committed to bringing in university level talent, knowledge, skills and fresh perspective into our organisation and to be involved in the development of the next generation of talent for Scotland.”

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of hosting Saltire Scholars in the summer of 2022 or are interested in being an interviewer for the 2022 Saltire Scholar Programme, please email saltire.scholars@entrepreneurialscotland.com