Webinar: Learn how you can transform your business with the Saltire Scholar Interns

Tuesday 19 March

Time: 2:00PM – 2:30PM


Entrepreneurial Scotland is pleased to invite CEOs, business leaders and decision-makers to our webinar: “Delivering Results: The Power of Saltire Scholar Interns for Your Business."

This insightful webinar will give you an inside look at the transformational benefits of hosting a Saltire Scholar intern through Entrepreneurial Scotland’s flagship Saltire Scholar Programme.

The Saltire Scholar Programme matches organisations worldwide with pre-vetted, high-calibre undergraduate students (‘Saltire Scholars’) from Scotland’s universities, who complete a 10–12-week internship in the summer. Saltire Scholars join organisations with the latest skills, brightest ideas, and a drive to deliver impact. Interns work on

dedicated projects of commercial significance that help businesses to change and


The programme been instrumental in identifying and nurturing Scotland’s next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. The upcoming webinar is tailored for businesses seeking strategic growth and an infusion of the best talent to complete commercial projects for their organisation.

Key Highlights of the Webinar:

Strategic Talent Access: Find out how the Saltire Scholar Programme connects businesses with a choice of over 650 pre-vetted, high-potential interns.

Real Commercial Projects: Understand how Saltire Scholars deliver real commercial work, delivering tangible results for businesses.

Building a Talent Pipeline: Understand the long-term advantages, including the creation of a robust talent pipeline for participating organisations.