Leadership Development

Our Leadership Programmes are designed for those who want to be effective at leading growth and change. We blend diagnostics, world class teaching, peer to peer and experiential learning, with direct support from those who have been there and done it.

Saltire Leaders are ambitious founders and directors who operate outside of their comfort zone

Saltire Leaders are ambitious founders and directors who operate outside of their comfort zone every day. Restless in their pursuit of ‘better’ they invest in themselves with purposeful intent to unlock potential within their business and the communities they serve. They connect people and ideas and in turn, make Scotland a more entrepreneurial society. If you are ready to be challenged to think bigger about your business and experience truly actionable learning and self-development - then these are the programmes for you.

Our Saltire Leader Programmes are Catalysts, Babson & Inside Track.


Conscious Leadership: 1st Dec 2020 - Dec 2021

This 12-month programme is for inspirational senior leaders and managers who want to begin the journey of becoming a conscious leader. Join a cohort of up to 12 leaders, to envision a new future and reflect on your role as a purposeful leader as someone who focuses on the “we” rather than the “me” and whose purpose is to create a culture of trust, care and expansive influence.

The organic nature of this catalyst has never been so sought-after or timely. It will give you the tools and roadmap you need to become a more self-aware, conscious leader, who is able to adapt your leadership approach to the changing world we live in. Challenge and be challenged within a group of trusted peers whilst increasing your own personal ‘leadership capital’ at a time in which your impact as a leader is more important than ever.

Our Programmes

Join an international community of entrepreneurial leaders for a 4 week online catalyst led by the world-acclaimed faculty at Babson College. Embed your learning through ES facilitated discussion groups with like-minded peers linked to Scotland. Or, over 12 months, maintain peer-supported momentum and meet your cohort in person for workshops, company visits and entrepreneurial action.


In Person Babson Programmes: Babson College Faculty Director Professor Les Charm has designed two overseas learning modules, specifically tailored to Saltire Leaders, that develop global perspective through ‘entrepreneurial thought and action’™

Offering unique immersion in a challenging and action-orientated entrepreneurial culture, Babson College sets high expectations for participant engagement. Its faculty of entrepreneurs draw from personal experience and have a keen understanding of current affairs and global markets.

The full Babson-Boston experience includes facilitated visits to high growth businesses in the Boston Massachusetts area and delivers learning that endures for decades.

  • Develop thinking skills that embrace global opportunity and innovation
  • Build confidence and capability to take action and affect change


As a cohort of peers, you will have privileged access to global hubs such as the likes of Silicon Valley, Berlin and Shanghai. An immersive and potentially transformative opportunity shared with like-minded peers, to build your understanding and contacts across the world and ultimately shape your mindset for growth.

Hear and see the inside track:

  • From entrepreneurs and business leaders on the skills and mindset required to confront the challenges and opportunities of growth
  • From investors on what they love and what they hate and how they assess a firm’s growth potential
  • From leading firms such as Netflix, Google and LinkedIn on how they see the future and what best-in-class looks and feels like.


The eVolve programme uniquely combines facilitated coaching with peer learning to deliver a powerful programme of professional development.

Over a 12 month period, you and a cohort of 12 of your peers will explore 4 key pillars of entrepreneurial success.

If you're ready to think bigger about your leadership & business, then eVolve is the programme you need!