Alice Green, Digital Marketing Intern, Benson Wood & Co.

Marketing & French Student, University of Strathclyde.

This summer I’m working as a Digital Marketing Intern with Benson Wood & Co., an accountancy firm. I’ll be in charge of creating a content plan for the year and working on content creation, social media management, SEO, email marketing, lead generation and management – basically, I’m a one-woman marketing department! I’m feeling a little bit nervous about having that kind of responsibility, especially since there’s no one within the company who specialises in marketing, but I think this will also make it a really rewarding experience.

I’ve settled into the office well – the team is really friendly and I’ve been made to feel very welcome. I’m working closely with the CEO John, so even though I have a lot of freedom over what I do, I also have direction and guidance in terms of what he wants to achieve for the business. John has also introduced me to some marketing specialists that he’s been working with externally, so I’ve benefited from lots of different perspectives.

The biggest thing that I’d like to get out of the internship is the chance to apply what I’ve learned at university in a real business setting. I’m also hoping to achieve tangible results for the business based on the work that I’ve carried out.

My biggest challenge so far has been getting used to the world of accounting – it’s something that’s completely new to me, but since I’m marketing the business’ accounting services, I need to sound like I know what I’m talking about when producing content to post! It’s still a challenge, but fortunately the whole team (who all actually do the accountancy work) have been on hand to help me with any questions and check my work.

Written by: Alice Green
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