Embracing My Entrepreneurial Potential

I have gained invaluable experience that has broadened my understanding across various aspects. This experience has equipped me with new skills and methodologies related to my field. Notably, my soft skills including adaptability and problem-solving skills have seen improvement through active engagement in overcoming challenges and embracing novel approaches. Furthermore, as a result of this internship I feel more confident in seeking future employment, as it was during this internship that I discovered my career path.

Through this program, I have not only acquired a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and experience, but I’ve also gained more confidence in myself to move forward and face the challenges that will come my way. I have come to realise the potential within me to create a meaningful change. The guidance and mentorship from industry professionals I have received during this program have not only inspired me but will also leave a lasting impact on my chosen field. As I move forward, I am excited to leverage these relationships to drive innovation and make positive contributions to my industry.

Embracing my entrepreneurial potential has been a highlight of this journey. The program’s focus on confidence and self-belief has empowered me to see challenges as opportunities to find solutions. With this new confidence, I am excited to take a path of innovation, taking challenges as opportunities and make a difference in my career field.

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the Saltire Scholar program. It has helped me grow personally and professionally, and it’s changed the way I see things. It has also given me confidence in things I thought I wasn’t capable of. The connections I have made, the things I have learned, and the inspiration I have felt are invaluable treasures that I will carry throughout my journey.

Written by: Gayan Cooray
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