Gracia Madila, Finance Intern, Target Healthcare

Accounting and Finance Student, University of Glasgow

This summer, I'm interning with Target Healthcare and I'm working closely with Louise, who is a Finance Controller. My main responsibilities include assisting Louise with tasks such as analysing budgets and preparing financial reports. Additionally, I have the opportunity to travel to different sites across the UK to gain a broader understanding of Target Healthcare's operations/teams.

It's exciting because I get to work on real-world financial models that can directly impact the company's growth. Plus, I'm learning a lot about the healthcare industry, which is fascinating. This project allows me to gain hands-on experience in finance and explore various aspects of the healthcare industry while travelling to new places. I'm looking forward to the opportunities and experiences this internship offers.

Personally, I want to build strong relationships with my colleagues and learn as much as possible about the finance sector. Additionally, I'm eager to understand the other teams and operations within Target Healthcare that contribute to its success as a whole. Professionally, I aim to master financial analysis tools, contribute valuable insights to my team, and hopefully leave a lasting positive impression.

So far, settling in has been a fantastic experience! The team here at Target Healthcare has been incredibly welcoming and supportive from day one. They've gone out of their way to ensure I have all the resources and guidance necessary to succeed. The office atmosphere strikes a perfect balance between energetic and relaxed, creating an environment that keeps me motivated and focused on my tasks.

I've had plenty of chances to meet and work closely with my team members. These interactions have been incredibly valuable—I've gained different perspectives on the projects they have been working on, learned new analytical techniques, and received some excellent career advice. It's really helped me integrate and feel like a valued part of the team.

Starting a new role was a bit intimidating at first. I was concerned about fitting into the company culture and finding my place as an intern. However, I've overcome these initial worries by gradually getting to know my colleagues and asking questions when needed. Everyone has been very supportive, which has made the transition smoother

Written by: Gracia Madila
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