Halfway There: My Saltire Scholar Journey at Kineticos

Clare Stansfield
Investment Analyst Intern, Kineticos Life Sciences
Biomedical Engineering, University of Glasgow

Having been in Raleigh, North Carolina for six weeks I am now halfway through my Entrepreneurial Scotland Saltire Scholar Internship. Although it feels like I am only just getting the hang of where the nearest target is, what to order at corporate lunch with the CEO, how to request access to the apartment’s pool, and looking right before I cross the road, I feel these weeks have been invaluable. With thanks to both Kineticos (my host company) and Entrepreneurial Scotland this Internship has taught me many competencies both in and out of the world of work.

Previously studying at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver for a year I was well-versed in trans-Atlantic travel, but this time felt different. Going from student housing to an apartment and living unsupported initially felt daunting, but as the minutes, then hours, then days and then eventually weeks rolled in I realized I had taken it well within my stride. At every turn, I felt I was surprised at my ability to withstand another unfamiliar or stressful situation with ease. For example, delays making us miss connections, losing our luggage, local wildlife and driving on the other side of the road while almost running out of gas aided my ability to understand how I dealt with and handled the pressure. This led me to reflect on the past few years and I realized that I have built myself a well-versed and methodical approach to these types of situations. For instance, in academia, I have gone from immediately panicking in Medical School exams, to big able to logically evaluate and access complex fourth engineering problems. These half-a-dozen weeks have allowed me to reflect on the person I have become, and I believe I have this opportunity to thank for this. Who knows what the next will hold?

Professionally, this time has already been instrumental in my development. Kineticos is primarily a Venture Capital firm and with limited prior experience within this sector I have learned a lot. From the extensive use of acronyms (cGMP? EBITA? CAGR? ROCKS? Anyone? The list is as long as my arm!) to investment strategy I have been shown a side of biotechnology and pharma that I didn’t know existed. Undertaking Secondary Research, Diligence and Business Development projects I have been exposed to all levels of multiple company teams while feeling supported by and useful to my line managers. Being in a small company has allowed me to be in close collaboration with all members of the team (from CEO/President to Senior Analysts to the other Interns) and I believe this has been a crucial factor in my steep learning curve. Understanding decisions and thought processes at the higher levels has allowed me to better understand the requirements and brief of my own work. Instead of just completing a task to the bare minimum, I have been able to complete a task successfully while holding an enhanced understanding of the needs and expectations from above. Continually asking for feedback (both formal and informal) as well as being open about questions I have has led me to learn the core requirements of my role. Going forward I am eager to finalize and present my three months of work as well as excited to continue to learn and grow from this experience.

Overall, my experience so far with Kineticos as a Saltire Scholar has been one of astute personal reflection and professional growth and I cannot wait to continue this. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the teams both at my host company, Entrepreneurial Scotland and the University of Glasgow for this opportunity.

Written by: Clare Stansfield
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