How to Supercharge your career with a Saltire Scholar Internship!!

Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.

Hello everyone, this is Benedetta Alberti, a dynamic 3rd-year Events Management student at UWS with many career goals to achieve. Indeed, I am a step forward with my enthusiastic experience at Raising Partners!

I define the experience of working as a marketing and investment intern at Raising Partners as fascinating, motivating, and positive.

Positivity and collaboration are the keywords that best describe this company. Raising Partners is an investment firm seeking to make it easier for startups to raise earlystage capital. Through their core services, Raising Partners level the playing field and empower entrepreneurs through expert guidance and education to give them clarity, confidence, and conviction when it comes to raising investment.

The dedication, commitment and passion of Raising Partners is created thanks to the positive and stimulating working environment.

Each colleague has their own personality and talent that are valued and respected. The first thing I realised is how essential communication is to be successful, especially when working from home.

I am doing my Saltire experience from my home country, Italy. From day one all my colleagues have impressively appreciated my origins since they all love Italy and Italian food! Perhaps, this can lead to another word that describes Raising Partners, inclusiveness.

Thanks to this, I faced the beginning of my internship with less fear and with a great desire to apply my abilities to work. With a great team behind me, all the challenges that arise are faced in a totally different way. Thanks to the support and teaching of the team I have learned to set priorities and therefore make better decisions on how to organize work tasks.

Working through goals can help you feel more in control and can reduce stress. Furthermore, a great piece of advice that I can give is always be prepared for any meeting ahead of time, prepare ideas that your co-workers could be impressed with, show that you have done research and valorise your skills through this. The team will appreciate and understand the importance of your work, and you will feel valued, motivated and understand how worthy your capabilities are.

This experience is teaching me so much about what’s happening out there in the world, before starting this adventure, I was totally lost. After all these past months of getting through a pandemic, I felt confused about myself. I felt insecure about my abilities, and I was not valuing myself as I used to do before. I knew I needed an important experience like this to discover my potential and understand what I want to do next. Today, I am grateful, happier and way more confident thanks to this rich experience.

Therefore, I want to thank Helena Murphy, founder and managing partner, for welcoming and valuing me since my first interview with her. Helena's passion and commitment to her business is admirable. Her enthusiasm and professionalism towards Raising Partners is an example to take inspiration from to build a successful business and a positive work environment. Furthermore, I also want to thank all the rest of the Raising Partners team: Oliver, Alex, and Fernanda for being professional and at the same time super friendly and making me feel part of the group from the first week. I am very grateful to have the chance to work with such amazing professionals and I am learning far more than I could have expected from them. Finally, I am thankful for my fellow saltire scholar, Kienan, who has been a great colleague, supporter, and friend. I couldn’t find a better Saltire Scholar to share my experience with.

As you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are our careers. My motto is: Work hard, fail and learn, succeed, and learn again. So, roll up your sleeves and go get what you deserve!

Written by: Benedetta Alberti, University of the West of Scotland, Marketing & Investment Intern, Raising Partners, UK (Virtual)
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