Journey Through Light: 10 Weeks as an Intern Exploring Photon Detectors at Optos

Over the past 10 weeks, I have had the privilege of being a part of the Optos team as an R&D intern.

As a R&D intern at Optos, I was able to work on a project investigating different photon detectors for Blue autofluorescence.

This Internship consist of three Parts:

  1. Working in the Laser Lab and acquiring data.

  2. Data analysis and benchmarking detectors.

  3. Integrating the best detector into an Optos product.

Having the three different parts made the internship varied and very interesting.

I was able to learn more about Optics and Lasers. Since I’ve never worked in a Laser lab, this was an amazing learning opportunity.

This Internship also helped me strengthen my CAD and MatLab skills.

Here I was able to design different parts for the project and write codes that can be used for data processing.

The project that I was working on required me to Data Log and write a final report, which are useful skills I’ll need in future projects.

Throughout my Internship teamwork was very important. I worked with another Saltire Intern, Anna Conti, on the project. Doing so I was able to brainstorm with other people and it is always more fun working with another person.

We always were able to work with different people in the R&D team. They all were very supportive and mentored us throughout the project. The R&D team was very welcoming and definitely made us feel part of the company.

Not only were we working on a project, we were also able to meet and network in the company.

Anna and I met the Founder of Optos. It was really interesting talking to him and getting to know the process of starting a company. Not only can he tell you more about how to found a company, he also has very interesting stories to share.

We were able to talk with the CEO, COO and CTO.

Everybody was incredibly nice and willing to answer our questions and listen to our feedback. It was also interesting and inspiring to see different peoples' career paths.

Another thing that I liked about Optos is their Lunch and Learn sessions.

There is a Lunch and learn, where graduates and apprentices come together and talk about their way to Optos and what their tasks are at Optos. It’s always nice meeting people your age and always interesting seeing what other opportunities there are.

There is another Lunch and Learn, which is open to the whole company. During that Lunch and Learn, different Company departments present their work. Anna and I were able to attend one for the Clinical department of the company. There a person, who conducts clinical trials in the US and China presented his work. Which was fascinating to see and we also got an opportunity to chat to him about his way into the clinical field.

In conclusion, my time at Optos as an R&D intern has been a transformative experience, offering me not only technical knowledge but also a deeper appreciation for collaboration, innovation, and career development. I am truly thankful to everyone at Optos for their support and for making this internship a memorable and enriching chapter in my professional journey.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Optos and Saltire for granting me this remarkable opportunity. I am especially thankful to the R&D team for their guidance and support throughout my internship. Working alongside professionals who are passionate about their field has been both enlightening and inspiring.

Written by: Ula Lilas