Mirren Loughery, Intern - Office of the President, White House Historical Society

My first few weeks interning at the White House Historical Society have exposed me to an endless scope of professional experiences. From running an errand to the White House on the very first day, the excitement of working in a fast-paced environment with so many historic and professional connections has not stopped. In attending meetings, consolidating data from different departments, witnessing the early construction stages of developing museum experiences, and undertaking individual research, I’ve been able to witness the full scope of how a historical business can operate. Although engaging with such a wide array of clientele has added pressure to even simple tasks, it has also improved my initiative and attention to detail; skills I’d like to advance further over the proceeding months. I’ve been especially fortunate in having such a fantastic role model in my mentor, who has held us to a high professional standard but been a constant pillar for support and advice.

Outside of work, I’ve been making the most of the wonderful weather and culture of Washington D.C. So far, I’ve attended a baseball game and a concert, ruefully followed the Euros from afar, and began working my way through the many museums on offer. With a minor setback of a broken bone (beware of uneven paving stones!) and a trip to the ER, I can truly say I’ve thrown myself into American experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing what excitement the next couple months will bring, and what else I will learn.

Written by: Mirren Loughery
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