My 10 weeks at Intelligent Growth Solutions

I spent my summer at Intelligent Growth Solutions, working in the electronic/electrical engineering department at the engineering innovation centre in Inverkeithing. Over the course of 10 weeks, I worked with my project partner to develop a prototype sensor array, using an ESP32 microcontroller and several different environmental sensors.

During my project I gained experience in low power design, component sourcing, soldering, sensor interfacing with I2C, 3D printing, Veroboard prototyping, PCB design on Altium, and many more useful technical skills. I also became familiar with maintaining a hardware specification and working under and presenting to project management effectively.

Working at IGS allowed me to really explore my interests in sensors, as the team at IGS were very clear that the project should really match what I was interested in learning about within their industry. I met a great group of fellow interns, as well as many fantastic engineers that I learned a great deal from.

Taking on a challenge like this in a new area of my degree gives me great confidence for my final years of university, where I will put these skills to great use. I really did enjoy turning up to work every day, and this has been great for me too, reassuring me that my degree is all worth it!

Photos show me in front of IGS’s product – the growth tower, and my prototype in action gathering environmental data inside a growth tower, surrounded by a sea of lemon basil 😊

Written by: Alan Mollins
IGS picPrototype