Welcoming American Culture: My first month as a Saltire Scholar with FREEMAN's

Harvey Leggett
Business Analyst Intern, Freeman's Auction House
Economics & Sociology, University of Glasgow

It has now been just over a month since I arrived here in Philadelphia, ready to begin this summer's internship with FREEMAN'S. Since my very first day, I have been made to feel incredibly welcome by each and every member of the team. It has been an honour to be shown the ropes at an auction house that has long played an important role in the fascinating world of art and design, and one that has an exciting vision for its future in this ever-changing market. So far, I have been able to sharpen my skills in market research, and have even been given the slightly daunting responsibility of making the online bids for a few lots in our June 6th sale of American works of art.

A great deal of appreciation goes out to the incredible people at Saltire Programmes, Entrepreneurial Scotland, who have made all of this possible. The programme does a fantastic job of cultivating talent among students across Scotland. I implore any penultimate- or final-year student studying at a Scottish university to apply; it is a decision that I am very glad I made, and has ultimately given me this amazing opportunity to immerse myself in American culture for the first time. I would also like to thank the University of Glasgow Careers Service for their support along the road to becoming a Saltire Scholar.

My time exploring Philadelphia over the past month has included visits to a number of awe-inspiring museums. Most notably I have been able to see Vincent van Gough's hugely famous painting 'Sunflowers' at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Another highlight has been The Museum of the American Revolution's feature show of the very tent that George Washington slept and worked in during the Revolutionary War. Of course, I have also indulged in the city's signature dish: the Philly cheesesteak.

With two more months left here, I am looking forward to our upcoming auctions at FREEMAN'S, and to developing my business analysis skillset along the way.

Written by: Harvey Leggett
1688941609221Sunflowers by Vincent Van Goough