My internship at PE GI Solutions

Dagmara Franus
Talent Acquisition Intern, PE GI Solutions
International Business Management with European Languages and Society, University of Stirling

My name is Dagmara and this summer, I became a part of the TA team as a Talent Acquisition intern at PE GI Solutions, a US-based company specialising in GI practices and ambulatory centres. As my time at PE GI comes to a close, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the experience and development I’ve gained during my time there.

The entire internship was a massive learning curve, as not only was it my first experience working for such a significant Healthcare corporation overseas, but also my first-time functioning within a TA role and working remotely with a 6-hour time difference. I had the opportunity to work with the best professionals in their field, re-evaluate my work ethic and get accustomed to a big (but rewarding) workload in a completely new, foreign field.

My every day consisted of handling the Careers inbox, posting job ads, inputting candidates into PE GI’s system, issuing offer letters and background screening consents, conducting provider background checks, and assuring that the TA processes ran smoothly. I received a lot of support from my team, which made me comfortable with handling the tasks they gave me. The team always assured me that none of my questions ever went unanswered and offered me lots of guidance.

Apart from my normal everyday tasks, I could also witness the TABPs going through the process of hiring candidates for higher positions, including reviewing CVs and speaking to the hiring managers and directors looking to fill these roles. This was not only educational for my future, but also eye-opening and insightful into the complexity of recruitment and onboarding.

During my time at PE GI, I also completed a project which included creating a TA Training document that outlined and specified every step in the standardised TA processes I was working on during the summer. It was a challenging task, however its goal was to facilitate training for anyone entering the TA department at PE GI in the future, so I put in a lot of effort while creating it. In the end, it turned out to be a 35-page document which included all the tasks the TA department is responsible for while handling the Careers inbox.

Furthermore, all the interns were also involved in an initiative called Lunch & Learn, which were seminars teaching us invaluable skills and knowledge for our future careers. These were held by members of PE GI, and I was grateful to hear their insight on presentation skills, career opportunities, resume writing, etc.

The internship concluded with a meeting including different managers and mentors and a 20-minute presentation where we could showcase what we have achieved during this summer. It was a big success, and everyone had a good time.

The best aspect of working at PE GI Solutions was definitely the people I worked with, including my team, my mentor, the amazing internship programme director, and everyone I came across this summer. Even though the beginning of the internship did come with challenges and having a lot to learn, I don’t think I could have a better internship experience than the one I had in the TA department at PE GI Solutions. I know this experience is invaluable for my future career and I truly appreciated every moment. I am also very thankful to the Saltire Scholars Programme and Entrepreneurial Scotland for making it possible and so rewarding.

Written by: Dagmara Franus