My Internship with MM Search

Heather Thomson

Business and Management and Economic and Social History Student, University of Glasgow

Trainee Management Intern at MM Search

Hello, my name is Heather Thomson and this summer, I joined MM Search as a Trainee Management Intern. In the following blog, you can learn more about my experience so far, including top tips for preparing for your internship, what to expect as part of your internship and more on my journey as a 2022 Saltire Scholar.

Top tips for preparing for your internship

I think that the best preparation you can do is to create a plan for what you would like to achieve in your internship. Do you want more experience in a certain area of the business, is there a particular skill you wish you could learn? Then when you begin your internship you can request what you would like to explore these ideas in a safe environment. For example, I considered experience in event management as a particular interest and then asked to be involved in MM Search’s event planning which has been a fantastic experience.

I would also recommend sharpening your knowledge of the company and reading through your job description again to refresh your memory as this can help settle your nerves and help you feel more prepared as you adjust to a new role and company.

What to expect in terms of exciting projects

One thing I love about MM Search and the Saltire Programme is the range of projects that I have been involved in. From event planning to marketing and content creation, working on important client projects, and more. It was even better than I expected. The openness to experiment and have my own voice is an invaluable experience.

My projects have also had a tangible impact. For example, I recently completed a project for one of Edinburgh’s most prominent events companies which have resulted in developing a strong relationship with a potential client and generating new business. I was able to take a lead on this project with the guidance of my manager and it was a fantastic chance to recognise my value as an intern.

Overcoming challenges will be a natural part of your internship and it is nothing to worry about. Challenges such as getting used to working full time, making mistakes, and feeling unprepared are normal. Being open about these challenges with your co-workers and manager is really important and you especially need to ask for help when you need it.

My expectations of my internship

My internship with MM Search exceeded my expectations. Being part of an organisation that values and develops a feeling of teamwork, shared responsibility and support is amazing. I have grown during my time in my internship and I have become more confident in the workforce and more confident in my value and abilities.

I expected it would take longer to get used to working with the team but by the second week, I felt well adjusted.

More advice for starting your own internship

Another piece of advice I have is to speak up and share your own thoughts and feelings. You are an excellent fresh pair of eyes for a company and therefore challenging processes is a great opportunity to make a change.

Even if you realise the role or industry isn’t for you, you can still learn so much about yourself as a person in the workforce.

Also, as an intern, you are just as important as permanent employees and it is good to remind yourself that you can join the team, even if it is just for a short time. I think that there can be a mental barrier to overcome.

Written by: Heather Thomson
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