My summer experience with KPMG, Canada

My time working in Canada has allowed me to gain many skills in a variety of areas - from enhancing my technical knowledge of the financial world to developing my interpersonal and other soft skills along the way.

KPMG was a fantastic working environment which had the perfect balance of care and patience as you learn about the work you are contributing towards, while also pushing you to reach your full potential and make the most out of your time there.

My overall internship experience was added to greatly by getting to go abroad to Canada. It allowed me to gain the self confidence that I have something to contribute to any workplace in a global landscape.

My internship has inspired a self belief that with the support of the global Saltire Scholar team and advisors that my career and future is truly what I make of it

As far as a first step into the working world, I could not have had a better opportunity than to work in Toronto via the Saltire Scholar Programme.

Written by: Mackenzie Frame
Mackenzie Frame KPMGMack Frame KPMG CanadaMackenzie Frame KPMG CanadaMack Frame KPMG