My summer with St Andrews Society, New York

Being a Saltire scholar presented a unique opportunity to join a global community enthusiastic about redefining outdated solutions and amplifying the voices that might otherwise have remained unheard. The Saltire internship programme not only enabled me to apply my theoretical knowledge in practical settings but also offered a chance to cultivate my sense of global citizenship and enhance my cross-cultural understanding. Moreover, it provided a bridge between this newfound practical experience and my involvement in extracurricular activities, as well as the part-time jobs I undertook while pursuing my studies. This summer internship symbolised a motivating foundation for my career, streamlining my initial steps toward a profession that resonates with my values. As someone who tends to be indecisive, it granted me an invaluable opportunity to test the waters in my envisioned role and sector, helping me assess how well the position aligned with my expectations.

For the last two months, I have been actively working on reaching the Society’s goal of increasing membership engagement and have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of creativity. The conceptualisation and execution of our Instagram campaign, harnessing the power of video storytelling when crafting the Society’s fundraising video, and working on the Society’s promotional materials were some of the diverse marketing projects that allowed me to expand and improve my skill set in the Saint Andrew’s Society’s supportive environment.

I have felt welcomed by office staff and have genuinely enjoyed getting to know the Society’s members during our meetings or at the Auld Alliance event. In addition, being included in the planning of the upcoming 267th Annual Banquet from its early stages has been incredibly insightful and made me feel like a part of the Saint Andrew’s Society’s team from the very beginning of my internship.

Written by: Bianka Felnerova
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