My virtual experience with Edwards Lifesciences

This summer I interned at Edwards Lifesciences remotely as a Business Operations Intern. This experience has been a great introduction to the medical devices industry, strengthened my professional skills, and was an excellent first step into the world of work.

There have been many highlights to my internship experience. It has been lovely to work with such a warm and welcoming team who are experts in their fields and inspire me to build a successful career of my own. Edwards Lifesciences is a large multinational corporation, and I have increased my knowledge of international business through working with people across the globe, from Prague to South Africa. It’s been interesting being able to sit in on sales and business operations meetings to learn how a product moves through its distribution channel, from producer to consumer, in such a large region. The work I do feels genuinely useful, and it's rewarding to know I work for such an impactful company creating products that literally saves lives.

I have gained soft skills like professional communication, confidence from presenting and talking in meetings, and creativity for problem solving. There were many times where my internship took me outside of my comfort zone. This has allowed me to develop a growth mindset - an invaluable skill for the future.

Working in such a supportive environment has enhanced my self-belief. I had the privilege during my remote internship to travel to the Switzerland office. I was able to experience office dynamics as well as remote work, and as the future of careers becomes more digitalised, this hybrid work experience will be beneficial. Receiving this unique opportunity, as well as travelling alone for the first time, has reassured me I am ready for graduate life, both professionally and personally. Entering employment was something I previously felt apprehensive about, but now I feel prepared to start my career!

Written by: Alina Haque
Alina Haque Edwards Lifesciences 2Alina Haque Edwards Lifesciences