Niamh O’Neill, Consulting Intern, P1 Consulting

Aero - Mechanical Engineering Student, University of Strathclyde

This summer I am super excited to be interning with P1 Consulting in Toronto for 10 weeks. I have currently completed 3 weeks of the internship so far. The entire team at P1 have been so welcoming and friendly, along with the support from the Saltire team, I cannot thank them all enough for making the transition to Canada as smooth as possible. I am thoroughly enjoying settling in and exploring the city so far! My main responsibilities during the internship will be working alongside and supporting both the Facilities Management and the Technical Services Energy Advisory teams. These teams provide consultation for greenhouse gas emissions and the construction of new buildings such as healthcare facilities. The work within the internship does not align directly with my degree, as I am completing my degree in Aero-Mechanical Engineering, so the projects have felt challenging initially. However, it has been such a rewarding process so far and I have learnt a lot already surrounding the work P1 and their clients do. I have had such a unique and interesting experience so far with the company and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the rest of the internship!

My main goals throughout my internship are to enhance my confidence, both as an individual and also as a young professional entering the workplace. I also hope to improve skills, such as communication, networking, and time management skills, which are highly important within this role but are also transferrable to different positions in the future. I hope to also expand my cultural awareness; having never worked outside Scotland before, it is interesting to observe the similarities and also the differences between the cultures in Canada and Scotland. I feel recognising and experiencing this will help me to succeed in the future if my career or future roles oMers additional opportunities for international experience. I also hope to explore Canada and the Toronto area as much as I can! It has always been a city I have wanted to visit, and I hope to make the most of it by visiting all the main spots such as the CN Tower, catching a Blue Jays game and travelling out to see Niagara Falls!

I feel like I have settled very well into the company environment, which has happened so quickly due to how welcoming the entire team at P1 have been. My role as a Consulting Intern means I have had the opportunity to learn about all sides of the business and the different responsibilities each team member has. During these initial weeks, I have had the opportunity to chat to each of the team individually and learn about their role and the projects they are working on. It has been interesting to hear the different backgrounds of the team and how they got involved with the company. I have found these conversations fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each member of the team, what they do, and also their recommendations of places to visit in Toronto. These interactions have made me feel at ease and comfortable within the company, allowing me insights into potential career paths I could explore, some of which I was unaware of before. The experience so far has shown me the different sectors I could work within and how my knowledge and skills from my university studies and previous part-time jobs can be used in a multitude of rewarding ways.

I was a bit nervous moving away for the summer to a new, unfamiliar place with everyone I know living in a different time zone. However, any fears I had were instantly alleviated once I met the fellow Toronto scholars, I could not imagine better people to be spending my summer with! It has been an incredibly exciting few weeks, all experiencing the city together in different ways. I was nervous about not being able to easily speak to family and friends back home, but I have already made friends for life here with the other interns, sharing this experience with them has made it that much more rewarding. I am excited to see what else the city has to offer and where the next few weeks will take me!

Written by: Niamh O’Neill