Putting my Degree into Practise

I have gained a wealth of skills, knowledge and practical experience I couldn't have received anywhere else. Working on a project gave me a unique insight into project management and technology integration. Moreover, I have developed my language skills as I was used as the project translator (English-Spanish) this allowed me to use my degree in a professional environment.

I had the opportunity to connect with loads of interesting and knowledgeable professionals within the energy industry. Their guidance and insights have shaped my perspective and allowed me to really understand their roles within the company. It has also allowed me to make valuable professional connections I can carry with me through my career.

This experience has bolstered my confidence and has assured me that I have the capacity to do more than I thought I can. It has made me realise that whilst it is important what I learn at university I still have a lot to learn and develop professionally, which is really exciting.

This has been a really transformative experience. The exposure to a professional environment, the connections I have made, and the personal growth I have gone through this summer will shape how I approach things in the future. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I can't wait to carry these lessons forward into my last year at Glasgow University and beyond.

Written by: Lauren Whelan
Lauren Whelan