Read Sabrina's growth during her time in Boston, USA

This summer, I interned with CyberArk – an identity security company located in Newton - an area just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. My role within the company working as a HR intern was incredibly varied and each project that I worked on equipped me with more skills and knowledge. Some examples of projects that I worked on are planning the annual employee engagement summer party, preparing and presenting employees opinions, thoughts and concerns about their role and the wider company to managers, and using AI to write job descriptions. As well as working in the US, this experience was just as beneficial to me personally, being the first time I travel to the US and live independently.

My experience of being in Boston contributed significantly to building my networking skills and making professional connections. Specifically, during a reception hosted by Dr Peter Abbott – the British Consul General to New England, I networked and made connections with individuals across a variety of industries, and it was intriguing to hear everyone’s career journeys, and how they made it to where they are now.

I feel that being a Saltire scholar has allowed me to become more confident in my abilities, skill set and my future. The programme has encouraged me to take initiative, drive innovation and with the help of guest speakers, it’s helped me to listen to others’ experiences and learn from them. I hope to take my experience with my time in Boston, my internship and the connections I’ve made, and use them to drive innovation, change and progress both within my career and personal life.

Written by: Sabrina Merahi
Sabrini Merahi