Saltire Programmes Reflection

When I first applied to Saltire Programmes, I would never have imagined I would gain such a fulfilling experience quite like this. Presented with the opportunity to spend 10 weeks in California working within my dream career prospect. Enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity with fellow Scottish interns, who were just as eager as I to make the most of our stay, allowed us to forge connections for life.

During my 10 weeks in California, I worked at the number one leading virtual cardiac rehab programme in the country, Movn Health. My role as an Engagement Provider Intern was to connect physicians with our program to earn patient referrals. This role tied in two of my career aspirations, working within healthcare and marketing. Movn Health gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of departments within their company. Allowing me to work firsthand, handling patient referrals, sharpen my skills in market research and witness behind the scenes of video production. I want to thank all at Movn Health for welcoming me into their team with open arms. The tight knit work environment and positive relationships between executives and staff has taught me the benefits of empowering leadership skills, through the successes Movn Health continues to reel after only 10 years of establishment.

The Summer of 2023 will be a season I will never forget; each weekend was full of adventure. Unwinding at the world’s most coveted beaches right at our doorstep, to exploring the bustling metropolises cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. A day trip to Disneyland with my colleagues remains a cherished memory, and a particular favourite of mine, celebrating my birthday in Las Vegas!

I would 110% encourage all to apply to this incredible eye-opening opportunity. Although the application process may seem daunting it was evident throughout that Saltire Programmes, Entrepreneurial Scotland only wants the best for their candidates. I would like to thank Queen Margaret University Careers Service for giving me the confidence when preparing for the assessment centre. Most importantly I’d like to thank those from the Saltire team who made this journey possible, and who were always on hand for my onboarding process and throughout my stay in the United States. As my 10-week internship comes to an end I’m extremely saddened that my time here is over. I deeply appreciate this opportunity and position as a Saltire Scholar 2023. I look forward to utilising the skills and experience earned at Movn Health within future employment.

Written by: Sarah Perrotta
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