Saltire Scholar - End of Internship Experience

I have had a very good experience during my summer internship at IGS. Through the internship I have gained a vast number of skills and experience in a professional project management environment, which will allow me to make a meaningful contribution to any company which I work for in the future. Some of the skills I was able to develop was problem solving during meaningful business-related tasks and communication in a professional environment. I also gained valuable experience in how to manage a project including risk management, change orders, file management and internal processes. The experience of working with professional project managers has given me insight into their work, and inspired me to follow a similar career path. I think getting guidance from professionals at such an early stage of my career will help me through my journey and eventually have an impact in the field I will work in, in the future. Overall, I feel that the internship has developed my entrepreneurial mindset and has given me the confidence and self-belief to start making an impact, even early on in my career. The internship experience as a whole was a very enjoyable experience, where I learned a lot and enjoyed every second. I got the chance to work with colleagues who were helpful, who gave me a lot of knowledge and practical experience which you might not necessarily learn in university alone. I would recommend Saltire to anyone who is considering to apply in future years to come, and I can guarantee it will be an experience which will be worth your time.

Written by: Marton Hornyik
Martyn Hornyik