Skills gained as a Health & Safety Improvement Strategy Intern

During my ten week internship at Network Rail, I developed the necessary skills to make a meaningful contribution to my host company and those involved with Scotland's Railway. Although I had no prior experience in health and safety or the transport industry, I was enthusiastic to begin my internship and gain exposure to the field. With the support of my manager and colleagues, I learnt how the company handles health and safety matters. This progress allowed me to successfully deliver, launch, and present my project in the final week. My project involved establishing a community of practice for Scotland's Railway Safety Investigations. The purpose of this was to develop the end-to-end investigation management system, bringing positive change to Network Rail and eventually the wider transport community. The skills and knowledge I have gained will benefit me in any future role or industry I pursue after graduation, and my motivation to make a real difference through my work will remain.

I worked with lots of fascinating people whose commitment to their job and career was very inspirational. With Network Rail being such a large company, I was able to meet with lots of people from different backgrounds which was incredibly interesting. The skills and advice passed on through this network were really insightful, and will help me greatly when choosing my future career path. From the ten weeks, I have seen the railway industry has lots of opportunities within it, and caters to everyone no matter what degree they study.

By working in a company that cares about driving improvement and innovation, I am inspired to make a similar impact through my work. I would recommend anyone thinking about a Saltire Internship to apply as there is so much to be gained from the opportunity, both personally and professionally.

Written by: Matthew Mills
Matthew Mills Network Rail 2Matthew Mills Network Rail