Targeting Success

Hey everyone! We (Lewis, Saayali, and Campbell) are all interning at Target Healthcare in East Kilbride this summer. Over the past 9 weeks, we have all had a chance to immerse ourselves within Target Healthcare's company culture, giving us the tools to experience work life beyond our studies.

As we are nearing the end of our summer internships and have gained invaluable insight within our respective fields, we want to share a bit about our experiences so far! We are all beyond grateful to have earned this opportunity, and we would like to thank Target Healthcare for welcoming us in with open arms.

Lewis Rankin

"My experience at Target Healthcare has been a thoroughly enjoyable one and has helped me shape my future career choices. As a recent graduate, this was my main goal of the internship, and through a range of different projects, I have a clearer idea of what type of tasks I enjoy. My long-term project, involving a spend analysis of the company's transactions to identify spending patterns, has given me more confidence in handling large datasets and how to present the results in the most effective format. Moreover, being involved with a company that is managing to sustain its rapid growth and taking advantage of the growing demand has been very insightful, and it has been enjoyable to be a part of such an ambitious environment. Overall, I would recommend any student to intern at Target Healthcare who desires professional work experience in a friendly environment."

Saayali Shirke

"My time as a Marketing intern at Target Healthcare has been incredibly fulfilling. Throughout the internship, I was challenged with various projects that perfectly blended creativity with professionalism. Working on both internal and external channels of communication meant creating engaging content that catered to both the target audiences, allowing me to understand how to reach the right audiences using appropriate communication channels.

As my time at Target Healthcare progressed, I learned several skills essential to a marketer, such as SEO, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Content Creation. I honed these skills by writing blogs and posts on topics that revolved around promoting company culture, external events, and corporate charity challenges. Creating graphics for them and monitoring their engagement was an exciting way to gain confidence in my creativity and analytical skills!

Overall, my time as a Saltire Scholar and Marketing Intern has been incredibly enriching in my professional and personal development. The endless support I have received from the early stages of my application to the last few weeks of my internship has been incredible. I am excited to apply the skills and knowledge gained through this experience in my future endeavours!"

Campbell Ross

"Working at Target Healthcare this summer has been a great experience, which has put me in a better place to enter work when I graduate next year. I have been fortunate to have gained a well-rounded experience in the finance department, with insights into accounts payable, accounts receivable, month-end reporting, and even setting up new elements of the ERP system. I feel privileged to be placed in a very welcoming and accommodating department who have dealt with my many questions and queries as I found my feet here. Working in a company with such a relaxed and friendly culture that also has many other interns meant that I settled in quickly and felt confident to socialise and collaborate with my colleagues. Target Healthcare has done a great job of mixing learning and working in this role, and I would say to any prospective applicants that this was one of the greatest benefits of this role."

Written by: Lewis Rankin, Saayali Shirke, and Campbell Ross
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