My first few weeks of being an Intern

Beth Drummond

Media and Communications Student, Glasgow Caledonian University

Marketing Executive Intern, QuickBlock Limited

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Drummond, I am now a couple of weeks into my internship as a marketing intern with QUICKBLOCK. The first two weeks have been the quickest of my life, not only am I having to settle into a new job, it is the first time I have worked in an office instead of nights in retail, so getting used to waking up has been a big task!

I feel really lucky to be interning at QUICKBLOCK, it is only a four-person office including myself, so I have been learning a lot not only about marketing and working in a team, but business and how companies run. I travel to the office in Stirling three days a week from my home in Glasgow and I spent two days working from my kitchen table. I was quite stressed about the whole concept of working from home however my team are in contact all the time and I really enjoy waking up at 8.30am rather than 6.30am, as there is no need to travel.

During the last two weeks I have created and designed content on photoshop as well as shooting and editing video content and on my first day I created an email newsletter and sent it out to over 300 people. I have also spent a lot of my time researching marketing ideas and in meetings with my team. This weekend I am going to the Scottish Game Fair in Perth, on a trip with my host company to spend the weekend selling our product to potential customers, which I am extremely nervous about.

I was extremely nervous about the whole job to start with, however, I just tried to go in with a positive mindset and hope for the best. Now I have settled in, I can clearly state all my worries were for nothing, my team are so helpful and understanding and I am enjoying the work so much. I was nervous that I would feel as though I know nothing and would be scared to voice my opinion. However, my colleagues ask and really value my opinion, which is really reassuring and has helped me gain confidence in the work I am doing.

Working in the marketing sector is something I have always wanted to do and at QUICKBLOCK I have not only learned so much but really grown my confidence in my abilities and I know there is so much more I can grow in the role. The team at QUICKBLOCK have given me real responsibilities and believe in me to be able to get work done and ask for help when needed. This belief in me from my colleagues has really helped me settle into the role.

Overall, the two weeks at QUICKBLOCK have been exciting and I really feel like I am finally starting to settle in. I can’t wait to see how many more new and exciting things I can do and learn as the rest of my saltire internship progresses.

Written by: Beth Drummond
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