ES in North America

Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation USA support world-class development for high potential individuals. The people who will be the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders contributing to Scotland’s success.

The fastest-growing ES program in the US is our Saltire Scholars Program, the only national pre-graduate program that matches high potential entrepreneurial talent with global companies.

The program has scaled from 4 internships at its inception in 2007 to nearly 200. To stay ahead of a fast-changing world we offer a range of internships to ensure flexibility, from full-time to hybrid (including part-time in UK, part in US) to virtual which we successfully launched in 2020.

Support Us

We are at the forefront of developing the entrepreneurial community throughout Scotland with our Programmes designed to equip leaders, current and future with the skills, mindset and connections to go forward and create value. Your expertise can help make a difference to our community's journey.

Our rigorous learning experiences covering a variety of subjects from navigating volatility to building resilience. Virtually or in person you have the opportunity to create direct impact by getting involved in the work we do.

If you believe you can contribute to developing Scotland's current or future leaders get in touch here.