Trustee Positions: November

“Don’t underestimate your skills: here’s your opportunity to make immediate and lasting social impact.”

Volunteering can be one of the most fulfilling long-term hobbies you can take up, however, amidst a busy lifestyle, it can easily start to feel like just ‘one more thing to do’.

Not having enough time, a common blocker to volunteering, with many people feeling like they couldn’t juggle work and volunteering. However, not every volunteering opportunity requires as much of a time commitment as you might think, and, trust us, the rewards of getting involved are worth it.

Joining the board of a charity and becoming a Trustee is one of the most impactful and meaningful ways you can help, and more often than not, the skills that come from your day-to-day job are exactly the skills a charity is looking for. Typically, you will only meet for a couple of hours every six weeks to ensure the organisation pursues its objectives, which really isn’t too time consuming! However, this is role dependent.


Here is a shortlist of a few charities still looking for board members:

Fife Young Carers SCIO is a local charity committed to improving the support and information provided to Young Carers in Fife. FYC has been managed since 2003 by a voluntary board of trustees who oversee the development of the service. Since then, the service has expanded significantly and now employs 24 members of staff, along with a bank of sessional workers.

They are seeking individuals with a wide variety of skills and expertise to join them in delivering this service. There are a number of areas they’re looking to develop; a communications strategy; fundraising capabilities; social media presence. They are also looking to recruit a Treasurer.

They meet approx. every 6 weeks for 2-3 hours as a full Board and between, flexibly, as required by the role and activity. At present this is virtually but hope to return to face to face meetings in the near future.

LSA is Scotland's largest law centre and is committed to tackling the unmet legal needs of those in disadvantage. Our team has accumulated significant experience in areas of social welfare law, all areas of housing law, mental health, discrimination, welfare benefits, community care and criminal injuries compensation. We are a major contributor in legal education, and undertake research, produce publications and deliver a wide range of seminars and training programmes.

We are keen to appoint new members to the Board with a broad range of experience – from legal campaigners to community activists. Specifically, they are looking for people with some experience in the following areas – working in or, ideally, managing third sector organisations, financial management, fundraising, campaigning activity, understanding and experience of the law or advice sectors, people management, marketing public services and applying digital technology to innovative service delivery.

This position is flexible and able to be conducted virtually.

Space and Broomhouse Hubare a community anchor organisation supporting 100’s of local people and families in Southwest Edinburgh. Their hub has been designed with community needs at its heart with a wide range of activities throughout the week. The hub is home to 50 staff who work across services and projects supporting groups including children, young people, families, older people, people with dementia and carers. Their services include one to one support and group activities as well as a popular community café.

They are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people of all backgrounds to join the Board of Trustees. The board plays an integral part in developing the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring its good governance and overseeing the delivery of defined aims, values, mission and objectives.

The board meets every two months for meetings of around two hours. Trustees are also asked to “adopt” one of the services, represent it at board level and act as a link between board and the staff of that project.

They welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. They’re particularly interested in hearing from individuals with experience in: Social enterprise and food sector; Finance; Older people services including dementia care; Wellbeing and mental health provision; Facilities management; Local government; HR and Training; Community Wealth Building and development.

Works alongside people, families and communities to mitigate the impact of substance use, gambling, offending and other risky or harmful behaviours

Board members have a responsibility for the governance of the charity and therefore meet approximately every 3 months to discuss in detail all activities undertaken. They are particularly looking for someone with a background in senior level finance but also keen to hear from people who have one or more of the following skills: marketing / media, HR, legal background, research and development or IT.

They have been looking for Trustees for a long time now so would really appreciate any interest. If you would like an informal chat first, that is very much encouraged.

Tayside Re-Users has existed since 1995 as a charity & social enterprise involved in environmental matters. For over 20 years, have promoted local and national environmental concerns, provided awareness and education about the recycling and re-use of resources, and worked closely with the local community to try to achieve these aims.

As a trustee, you will be responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Tayside Re-Users. This includes developing their aims, objectives and goals in accordance with charity, legal and regulatory guidelines.

They are looking for enthusiasm for environmental issues and a passion for re-use. There are a few skill gaps we have in the current trustees that we would love to fill but having any of these is not a requirement of the position, just a bonus if you can bring one to the table: Accountancy and Finance, Human Resources, or Legal services.

Social Good Connect have made it really easy for you to find a Trustee position that’s right for you. They have charity members across the whole country looking for committed individuals to join their boards. They’ve put together a blog for you here answering all of the most popular questions. What is a board? Are there risks? What’s the commitment?

If you would like to find out more about any of the featured roles or are interested to speak to someone, just send an email to , and their Charity Relationship Manager Megan will put you in touch with the right person.


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